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K9 Infrared Thermometer + Dispenser

K9 Infrared Thermometer + Dispenser

  • The K9 wall mounted Infrared thermometer can easily detect the temperature by pointing the temperature measurement probe to the palm of the hand like washing hands, so you can easily know your physical condition.
  • Automatic soap dispenser, and the liquid outlet next to the measuring probe will automatically drip out disinfectant when measuring the temperature. You can disinfect your palms to avoid cross-infection.
  • The 0.5s fast and accurate reading enables more people to detect the temperature without waiting. and the measuring distance is 5-10cm. The test accuracy difference of advanced infrared sensor chips is ±0.2°F (34~45°C). Automatic alarm for abnormal temperature: red light flashes, continuous alarm sound "Di, Di..."
  • 1000ml large-capacity container, the visible capacity is clear at a glance. I
  • K9 wall-mounted infrared thermometer non-contact soap dispenser 2-in-1 can be used in homes, offices, supermarkets, large shopping malls, subways, schools and other large places.

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