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Covid-19 Relief Measures

"Following the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken several steps including steps taken to help reduce spending of parents and teachers, our part in being a responsible company as well as ensuring well-being of our employees". 

For our customers:

1.For the past 34 years, SAMIMA has strived to import products around the world in order to ease public in getting their needs met. Similarly for the Covid-19 pandemic, SAMIMA went out of its product portfolio to import Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Surface Disinfectants, Hand gloves, Thermometers, Anti-bacterial Wet Tissues among others when there is a market shortage.

2.SAMIMA has subsidised the rates of printing, scanning and A4 Papers for students and teachers in order to reduce additional expenses that have incurred due to home schooling during the pandemic period.


For Brunei's Healthcare:

1.SAMIMA had the privilege to donate $15,000 to the Covid-19 Relief Fund in order to reduce the burden of increased expenditure in the healthcare.

2.SAMIMA has donated the following for our Front-line Healthcare Heroes:
500 Pieces of 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask, 500 Bottles of 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 250 ml, 200 Carton of Mineral Water, 40 Carton of Pop Mee & 40 Carton of Biscuits


For our employees:

1.SAMIMA has ensured job security for all staffs while many businesses around the world are downsizing, retrenching workforce and staffs are asked to take unpaid leave. We have kept all our existing staffs and will continue to do so.

2.SAMIMA has allocated $10,000 stimulus fund for our staffs where on top of their fully paid salary, every staff will receive an additional $100 per month for the month of March and April 2020. This will help them cover any increased expenditure caused due to this pandemic.

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