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Elecctronic Time Recorder

Elecctronic Time Recorder


      New special key dustproof device to protect the machine as clean as new, stable and excellent quality;

     Punch 26 times per minute, stand-alone for about 200 employees;

     Automatic calendar design, leap year, leap month automatic adjustment, quartz oscillation timing is extremely accurate;

     Color (black / red), internal / external ringing, perpetual calendar, automatic shift, clock / LCD time display;

      Nine needle dot matrix print head, the service life of more than 1 million times;

      Use red / black color printing date and time;

      Work six days to print, and can set the automatic or manual time adjustment (a total of 24 groups);

      Day change can be set;

      Automatic suction card / card design;

      Can set the card positive and negative recognition, to prevent the next month on the wrong punch card;

      Can set a monthly salary or weekly salary system, including settlement date set;

      Built-in music ringing and external music

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