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UHU STICK 2*8.2G + 1*8.2G MAGIC BLISTER /37395

UHU STICK 2*8.2G + 1*8.2G MAGIC BLISTER /37395

  • glue formula with 98% natural ingredients
  • glues fast, strong and durable
  • screw cap prevents glue from drying out
  • container from 50% recycled plastic

The glue stick "Made in Germany" with a unique screw cap that prevents the glue from drying out. The glue formula consists of 98% natural ingredients (including water) and is solvent free. Glues strong, fast and durable, glides smoothly, is highly efficient and of course cold washable. Additionally the container of the UHU stic is made from 50% recycled plastic. For use at home, at school and in the office.

Container Content
Glue stick 8,2g
Glue stick / Blister 8,2g
Glue stick 21g
Glue stick / Blister 21g
Glue stick 40g
Glue stick / Blister 40g


Glues paper, cardboard, photos, Styrofoam®, labels, etc.

Use and Handling Instructions

UHU stic is applied with light pressure onto the materials to be glued. The parts are put together immediately after applying the glue.

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